Huge Camera, Lens delivery

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Well Known Rokslider
Jan 13, 2017


Despite the reports of huge shortages we have been getting some nice deliveries of cameras and lenses from Canon, Sony, Olympus and Nikon the last few weeks. Below is a list of what has arrived. Call us at 516-217-1000 and mention Rokslide for special deals

Canon Cameras
M50Mark II Capture kits
EOS R bodies
EOS R6 Bodies and kits
EOS R5 body and Kits
G7 Mark III
90D Body

Sony Cameras
A6400 Body and kits
A7 Mark 3 bodies and kits
A7C bodies and kits
A1, yes really. We still have 2 available
A7R Mark 3
A6100 2 lens kit

Nikon Cameras
Z5 Body
Z6 II Body

Nikon Z Lenses
14-30mm 2.8
85mm 1.8
20mm 1.8
50mm 2.8 Macro
24-70mm F4
35mm 1.8

E-M10 Mark 4 kits
E-M5 Mark 3 kits
E-M1 Mark 3 body and kits
E-M1X Body

Olympus lenses
100-400mm F5-6.3
12-100mm F4
12-*200mm 3.5-6.3
7-14mm F 2.8

Canon Lenses
RF 70-200mm 2.8
RF 70-200mm F4
RF 100mm 2.8 Macro
RF 100-400mm
RF 85mm 1.2
RF 85mm 1.2 DS
RF 50mm 1.2
RF 50mm 1.8
RF 800mm F11

Sony lenses
14mm 1.4 GM
24mm 1.4 GM
35mm 1.4 GM
24-70mm 2.8 GM
70-200mm F4
16-35mm 2.8
85mm 1.8
55mm 1.8 Z