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May 13, 2019
For those that have the Takur gear. Is it soft enough/quiet enough to be worn as your normal outer layer? Skip the Bora and just use the Takur as the soft shell. Thanks.
You asked for those who have the Takur gear which I only own the gaiters. I am going to attempt to give you some comparisons of the Bora series and other gear. I just ordered the Takur pants and jacket and they will be here tomorrow. I already own the Bora series and it is quite loud compared to the Kryptek Dalibor series or the First Lite Catalyst series which are next to silent. I have the Takur gaiters and they are quieter than Bora material but not by much probably because of the thicker material with the fleece backer on the Bora. If you are spot and stalk hunting with a rifle the noise shouldn't be an issue but there is no way I would use the Bora jacket in the tree stand archery hunting unless it is raining or in heavy wind. I can easily here the swishing of my arms and legs moving on the bora series when I walk and crinkling noise when I pull back my bow. That said I am very noise sensitive. I prefer the quietness of wool as I mainly hunt Midwest whitetail and turkey but wool doesnt stop the wind or the rain. I have owned the Kryptek Koldo, First lite SEAK and the First Lite Storm Light rain gear and just by handling the Takur gaiter I can tell that the Takur jacket and pants will be quieter than the Koldo and SEAK gear and about the same noise as the First Lite Storm Light but it is thicker and much more durable. I have heard people say that after washing the gear made from the Scholler C-change material that it seems quieter but I have not experienced that after washing the Bora set several times. Washing did seem to quiet down the Tora series gear made from Scholler Dry Skin. If I were to do it all over again I would have ordered the Takur first instead of the Bora but to date the Dallibor II series with the pit zips is my favorite soft shell. The Bora is much more like a hard shell to me and resists the wind and water much better than Dallibor II gear. I really love the Bora series it is just way more mission specific for me. This is my perspective from someone that is from the mid-west using the gear for hunting slightly different than the gear was intended for. I hope this has helped but if not maybe it will help others. I will update when I receive the Takur pants and jacket as I am hoping it hits the sweet spot and that is why I ordered it.