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Jul 20, 2020
If we can’t get the horses to the elk the same day we will quarter the elk and move the meat away from the carcass and try to hang the meat. If we can’t hang the meat we try to put the meat on logs in an open area that you can glass from a ways away. The next day we then spend time glassing the area before approaching. Then, if hunting on horses we approach (off the horse) slowly and watch the reaction of the horses as we get closer.


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Jun 19, 2019
Would a whistle being blown keep a Grizzly away from kill when your dressing out the animal?

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Sep 15, 2021
I have several tips when hunting in grizzly country whether it was hunting sheep moose elk caribou deer.
I wont include them all at once here but spread them over a course of time.

My first tip has saved me trouble with grizzlies on several occasions over the 50 years ive been hunting in the back country where the kill was not readily visible from a distance

After the kill and if its necessary to go back and get my pack horses or come back for another load of meat back packing . I would always cut a tall branch 8 ft plus the higher the better or I use one of my walking sticks put a ribbon or plastic bag on it on it and stick it in the meat . When I return im cautious and look for the pole if its moving or down which you can see from a distance be aware its very likely a bear is on the kill. I have come back on kills that had a grizzly on the meat. it saved me from a unnecessary encounter. One of my hunting partners 20 years ago could of used that advice . Marcel had shot a moose at kluchesi lake , while dressing it out he heard a elk bugle went after it no luck when he returned to his moose he surprised a grizzly on it . Marcel managed to get a shot into the charging bear hitting it. The bear stumbled but carried on with the attack. Marcel unfortunately didn't pull the bolt all the way back and loaded the empty shell back in the chamber. He waited the bear circled him and charged again . When the bear was a few feet away and he pulled the trigger click nothing. The bear severely mauled him and he lost consciousness . when he awoke the bear was dead on top of him bled out from the first shot. His buddy found him shortly thereafter and packed him back to Kluchesis lake and fortunate for Marcel a doctor was at the lake about to go out on a guided hunt. he basically saved Marcels life he had lost a lot of blood. They transported him to the hospital by helicopter.
So back to my Tip. what happened to Marcel happened in seconds . if he had a pole and ribbon in the moose he would of seen it swaying or down and he could of avoided being mauled. Hope this tip is a like. Ill post another one shortly and if you Have a tip throw it in.
Very good idea. Nice. 👍👍👍👍 Still have to be careful though, even if the branches/sticks haven't moved. There could be one just moving in as a person is returning.


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Sep 17, 2021
I suggest placing a fox pro nearby. Fawn in distress on a loop. The bear will be distracted and not even notice the kill. Or you.

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