Idaho Unit 44

J Rinella

Apr 16, 2013
Bellevue, ID
Hey everybody, I drew a Idaho 44 deer tag and its been a while since I've hunted it. I live close and I know the area ok from spending some time in it in the past with friends and family who drew. I've been hearing that the good bucks are not hanging out as high as they used to several years ago. I had planned on hunting/scouting the high country ridges/basins like I usually do, but now I'm wondering if that will be a waste of time/energy. Any thoughts, ideas, advice????


Well Known Rokslider
Feb 25, 2012
S. Idaho
I don't think scouting high in that unit would be a waste of time at all, especially for the September 15 opener. I had the tag in 2010 and was seeing plenty of bucks up high (7-9,500 ft.) during my scouting trips. And I know if you have researched it on monstermuleys, everyone says to kill early or you'll have missed your opportunity, I wouldn't buy into that 100%... IF the weather doesn't get too bad by mid-late October the hunting could get really good in some of the lower country. I had a bull tag in 2011 and was seeing a ton of deer down low in late October - early November even though there was some snow throughout most of the unit. I would have killed to have a tag that year as it was a shocker to me seeing that many bucks running around when all the info I had read said they'd be long gone from the unit. Good luck, it should be a fun hunt!