Idaho Unit 76 Antelope


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Jan 31, 2017
Boise, Idaho
Posted this on another site, but Rokslide seems to have some pretty knowledgeable guys...

The supertag search has been fun so far - have spent a total of around 20 days scouting 38,39,46,45 and found some good ones.
However, I noticed a very limited (5 tags) hunt in 76 down by Idaho, Utah, Wyoming border east of Bear Lake. Good harvest stats on horn length in the past and a lot of people put in for those 5 tags so it has me intrigued. Also, its open right now for rifle and Im going a bit stir crazy lol.

Any info on this hunt? Seems to be a good bit of BLM that borders into Wyoming. I am half tempted to take this weekend and drive down and poke around. Is the Wyoming side of this unit a good antelope unit that could have bucks crossing the state line?


Dec 4, 2016
I’ve spent a little time around that area and from what I’ve seen most antelope are on private but most certainly some could be found on public land. The Wyoming unit that borders idaho 76 is 98. I’ve not hunted 98 but I’ve hunted everything surrounding it. 98 always seemed to have low antelope numbers comparative to other units so I’ve always gone with other units. IMO if you got the time it’d probably be fun to poke around and you might just run into something your looking for. Also, if you do see good antelope on private I wouldn’t hesitate to contact the owner and ask for permission. I would think with such low tag numbers they likely wouldn’t be opposed.