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Feb 25, 2012
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From an email I got from R&K Hunting Company.

You might get his link to work or just read it below copy/paste style

Iain Harrison started his shooting career at age 10, before joining the British Army where he served as an infantry officer. He moved to the USA after being forced to surrender his guns to the UK government, in order to continue shooting competitively. Harrison won the first season of Top Shot on the History Channel and has since returned as an expert on every season since, and has also developed and hosted Rapid Fire!, the Outdoor Channel's hit machine gun show. Currently the Editor in Chief of RECOIL magazine, he competes on the national circuit in the disciplines of long range precision shooting, 3 gun and USPSA.

Course Announcement

NRA Outdoors is proud to announce it's partnership with Justin Richins of the R&K Hunting company and SUB-MOA to bring NRA members the first annual NRA Outdoors Long Range Hunting/Shooting School. The wide variety of terrain that is offered at our courses can not be matched at any other shooting facility. We have 1 million acres of terrain spread out over 2 states, UT, WY We have all the angles covered! Desert, high desert, mountains, cross canyon and all points in between. This course will be the first in a series of long range shooting and other training events to come.

Long Range Hunting 1

The SUB-MOA Institute is proud to offer Long Range Hunting One. This course provides each student the cutting edge skills in the use of scoped rifle weapon systems. In this course students will learn many proven techniques in marksmanship based on years of, competitive marksmanship and Long Range big game hunting experience. This course will require attention to details during the training. The duration of this course will be two days unless designed otherwise. The student will gain the knowledge and confidence to be an effective Precision Marksman in the field or in the competitive arena where only hits count


This course will be held on June 6th thru the 9th 2013 at the R&K Queen Mountain Guest Ranch located near Evanston, WY approximately 2 hours from the Salt Lake, City airport.

The Course will cover:
Ammo selection, ballistics & it's affects at distance - Effects of Weather - Reading the Wind - Proven bullet placement on big game that results in a high percentage of kill - Evaluating the hit sit - Field Skills - MOA and other Reticle Calibration - When to engage a moving target. Weapons Maintenance - Range Safety - Rifle Building - Range Estimation - Weapons Zeroing - Scope Theory - Marksmanship Shooter Observer Dialog -
Alternate Shooting Positions, trigger control.

Gear List
Range Finder - Rifle with telescopic sight Capable of engagements out to 1000 yards - 300 rounds of ammo - shooting bags, shooting matt - Camera Tripod - Rifle Sling (Leather Match Sling is best) - Binos 7×50 or better - 20x spotting scope - Data book - Pen, pencil and eraser - Note book - A.L.I.C.E. Pack or equivalent equipment - Weapons cleaning equipment to include bore guide and cleaning rod - Lens pen or optical cleaning gear - Calculator

Meet the Instructor

Justin Richins Co Owner of R&K Hunting Company has been a successful professional big game guide and licensed outfitter for many years. He guided his first successful client at the early age of 13 in his home state of Utah. Since that time his passion for big game hunting has grown almost as fast as his love for long range precision shooting. He has many long range harvests under his belt and has successfully coached many clients on one shot kills at extended ranges from 500-1000+ yards. He has become one of the top guides in the outfitting industry for his knowledgeable skill-set in dial-in and setup for long range hunting weapon systems. Justin understands the many different aspects that can affect a bullet's flight path from the ground up. In 2007 he acquired his first machining lathe to build Long Range rifles for himself along with a 7 stall 1600 yard shooting range that has taken his skill set to the top level.

We Make your Best Better.

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Your stay with us will be a relaxing experience after a rewarding day of training. You will be able to interact with the instructor staff after the training day is over and learn more about techniques used by professionals, in the employment of long range hunting. The unique five star quality lodge provides a unique experience that is not offered at any other training venue


Airport Pickup (Salt Lake City)
2 days of instruction
Cost $1,800 per student
Registration and Payment information
Payment and Registration: The course cost is $1800.00 per student / participant.

Contact Greg Ray @ 1-918-407-2586 or email your request to [email protected] for registration information.

Please register and send a 50% payment at the time of booking to guarantee availability. Reference SUB-MOA Long Range Hunting 1 when requesting more information on this course. We look forward to seeing you there!