Jimmy Tarp vs Kifaru mega tarp?


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Feb 23, 2019
So I am posting this here and hoping for some feed back from anyone who has run either one of these shelters. I picked up a Jimmy Tarp from a user here a couple weeks ago now. It was a prototype that was designed to pretty much the same specs as the kifaru mega tarp includinga stove jack. Size is very similar only difference is the zipper annex is not removable like kifaru.

My biggest question really is has anyone run any off the Jimmy tarp shelters? Or the mega tarp?and if so how have they held up in weather? My hunting buddy just bought a mega tarp that should be here next week so I will be able to check it out. This one is in great shape just seems like it might be a little lighter than the mega tarp. My scale put it at 18oz which I think is just shy of the mega tarp. Got mine for a good price just wondering if I should have just went with kifaru?


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Nov 16, 2017
Central Oregon
So I believe that's the shelter kifaru actually stopped the line on because it was such a close copy.

A have a couple Jimmy tarps things, I like them and recommend them. He a pretty good guy.

His designs mite not be quite as robust. But there pretty well thought out .
Durability is a weight game.
I may not recommend Jimmy stuff for deep in Alaska where you really can die easily if ur shelter fails.
But in lower 48 load ur pack and head to the truck.
And I always have a backup as a 6x9 tarp. Because I use it for glassing and such.
I'd think you'd be fine with that shelter.