June Rokslide special for KDC Ultralight Bipod/Tripod systems.

robby denning

Staff member
Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
Hey Roksliders, you should have seen the reviews on these KDC backcountry Tripod/Bipod systems earlier this year (if not, click KDC Ultralight SnipePod & Granite Peak Tripod Review).

One of our members, Steve O. just got back from a bear hunt with his son. They equipped the 45/70 with the Bipod system and it was bear down shortly thereafter!

For June, Terry of KDC will run his last 2017 special, exclusive to Rokslide members. Check his website for specs on products below at Kramer Designs Corp

This is what Terry's email said
For June.

1. V2-24, V2-27, V2-30, or V2-33 (any sitting V2) ($125.00)

2. GP-24, GP-27, GP-30 or GP-33 ($115.00)

RRS-OBA-K (Rapid Release System Optics Balance Adjuster) $32.00

RRS-BT with RRS-BT-M1 (Bino Tower with common 1/4X20tip mount) $88.00 (70+18)

RRS-Shoe (Rapid Release Shoe for top of Granite Peak) $64.00

Pre-Total would be $424.00. Rokslide 15% would be 63.6 so final total would be $360.40

This package is for the hunter who want CONCURRENT use of both the bipod and optic system.

You can reach KDC here Kramer Designs Corp or 406-933-8658