Just found this guy on my trail cam!


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Feb 28, 2012
Humboldt county and Asia Pacific
This is a little public land spot near the coast that I hunt. Last night I went out and checked the camera and got this nice suprise!


I know roughly where this guy beds (private property I don't have access to) and where he feeds (public land). The problem is that the deer here don't come out of the thick private land timber until it is dark. Last night was actually the first time I've seen deer here in person. Four does came out with about 15 minutes of shooting light. I only have two weeks left in the season so I hope there is some weather or something that gets him moving a little early one night. I'm using a bow because I already used my b-zone tag and now I just have an archery only tag.

Here is another buck from near the same spot. I would probably shoot him given the chance, but I really want to hold out for the 4x4.