K3 Exo bag on Kifaru frame with Exo Hardware


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Jan 22, 2017
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Thought I would throw this out there on how to attach an Exo bag on Kifaru duplex lite frame. There have been a few threads but this details how to use mostly Exo buckles. You will need 4 1” Rock Lockster male tension buckles and either 4 kifaru k-clips or 1” gatekeepers. Not sure if k-clips are stronger than gatekeepers but I would think they would be more reliable and thsts what I used. I took some 1” webbing and sewed up 4 18” long straps. They are easier to sew and if you dont have the skills to sew them you could probably find someone to sew them or buy some kifaru straps and take the buckles off and replace them with the Exo buckles. This method does not require cutting of the Exo buckles and makes swapping back to Exo frame simple. The exo bag fits perfect om the Kifaru frame. If you want to use your exo lid you can buy the 1800 lid strap kit and 1 extra male lid buckle from Exo and it works perfect. The Exo lid buckles are different than the other ones so make sure you get the right ones. I called Exo and told them what I was doing and told them what I needed. They hooked me up for under $13 and had the buckles in a few days. This was super simple and for anyone not wanting to cut off the exo buckles this is the setup. I also mocked up putting a grab it on and that would be easy as well. I routed the bottom straps as normal but did not install the quick attach buckles but you can see the loop I am pointing to in pictures where you can attach them. Hope this helps someone out.


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Nov 3, 2014
W. Washington
Looks good. I just traded some gear for a K3 6400 bag and this will come in handy. Thanks for sharing