Kifaru duplex hunter 26" woodsman and accessories


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Dec 26, 2012
North Dakota
I am selling my kifaru setup. I will not split up right now. I want to sell it as a package.

26" coyote normal composite stays hunter duplex small belt - as new only has been tested in my basement
Coyote woodsman - new
Organizer pocket coyote - new
Mini belt pouch coyote - new
Water bottle holder coyote - used one season - no flaws great shape
Guide lid coyote - used one season in great shape - I cut off the ladder locks on the top but everything else is still there
Large belt pouch coyote - used one season - great shape
Grab-it II highlander - used a few seasons but is in great shape
Small belt pouch OD green - this one is about 5 years old - used condition but no rips/tears
Extra chamber pocket with repair kit - I can't guarantee the repair kit is 100% included but it's mostly there with other extra buckles that I have accumulated throughout the years
G-hook strap kit in highlander - used a few seasons but in good shape
New strap kit with k clips - carried last season but not used
Bottom part of gun bearer - used 5 years or so - I had a piece made to allow this to connect to the bottom of a duplex frame it works well.

All in this is well over a $900 package if you bought it new. It'd like $800 all in shipped lower 48 TYD.

I have pictures I can text or email. I will try to load pictures tomorrow if I get a chance. Again I'm not going to split it up right now so don't ask.

Thanks for looking.
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Jan 6, 2017
BC, Canada
Looks awesome! Sell this before I have to buy it

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Apr 16, 2014
If splitting I'll take the mini belt pouch and water bottle holder - happy to go in on the deal with someone to split it up ourselves :)