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Jun 29, 2017
I have a 24” black duplex hunter frame in very good condition. I have 2 ranger green belts, 1 is a medium (it has a few scuffs) and a small that is practically new. If you want the frame you can pick one belt. You can have both belts for an extra fee. I believe these are the aluminum stays and are curve backed. I also have a bag that was custom made to go on a Kifaru frame. The best I can tell it is about 3500cu in. It is in great condition.

Frame with 1 belt is $250 and I’ll cover paypal and shipping. SOLD

Medium belt still available

The bag is ranger green and a roll top so it might expand a bit more. I would sell it for $125 and cover shipping and paypal.

I also have a set of black duplex shoulder straps that are in very good condition, may have a little sweat on them. I would sell them for $40 and I’ll cover fees.

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