Knight Ultralight Scope & ring/base Recommendations


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Dec 24, 2015
Finally rounded out my hunting weapons and purchased a muzzleloader (.50cal) to extend my season options.

I usually use Leupold scopes, B&C reticles on my rifles.

Will a simple 3-9x40 be sufficient? Less/more power? Muzzleloader specific issues I'm not thinking of? Rem 541 bases?

I'm hunting NM this year but plan on hunting states that don't allow scopes in future years. I would like to keep it light-ish and someday be able to stretch it passed 200 yards.

As always, appreciate all the input.


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Nov 30, 2012
Northern Idaho

I use Warne bases -M823x286M for bases, but Leupold offers an identical product. but you will have to look a Leupold base for a 540 Remington.

The scope you see on this rifle is Redfield Revenge 3x9x42 but it is not longer available. They do still offer a Redfield Revolution with Accu Ranger reticule

This is the reticule for the Revenge. The top line moves in the scope to measure range. It certainly is not as accurate as a Range Finder but it does get you really close.

Rings are Warne Quick Release for a Weaver style base. Again Leupold has basically the same product.

Hope some of this helps....