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Jan 17, 2013
Wasilla, Alaska
I've seen a few responses here n there of guys askin what piece of Kryptek is good for early and late season hunts, specifically guys headed here to Alaska this year. I only have a few jackets so I can't recommend or comment on the lineup and piece together a system. So I'll toss this one out there for Larry Bartlett.

LarryB, what's your early and late fall setup look like?

Also what would you recommend in the 2013 lineup?

It's tough at times for guys to buy an entire kit without a hands on so it's good to have someone who is part of the process. Hopefully this will help others get a better perspective.

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Jun 12, 2012
Piedmont, SD
I think it is a very personal thing depending on your thermostat. Our mountain lion season opens Jan 1 and I have been hunting them. No dogs so have to follow tracks or call them. I wear a merino base layer, Alaios hunting shirt and take along their Cerdic Hoodie and Vidar vest. When walking I only wear the shirt. When I stop to call I put the vest on. Have yet to put the hoodie on. This is in temps from 10 degrees and lower. When I call I usually sit for around an hour and this keeps me plenty warm.

Larry Bartlett

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Feb 13, 2013
Hellz yeah, i can comment on this one...I've been wearing Krytpek clothing since inception and have seen it come full circle with quality and field delivery.

here's my line-up, and why:

Base Layer

* Base layer T-shirt: Warrior Ethos is my favorite $27.99. 60% cotton / 40% nylon makes it durable for a T-shirt, and comfortable, yet dries much quicker than straight cotton. My chest and arms look good in this T-shirt according the ladies... My second favorite T-shirt is the Linage $27.99

* Merino wool leggings for cold days, but i sleep in them mostly. For $59.99 the solids are fine, but for an extra $20 you can get them in Mothwing pattern.

* Merino wool top: 1/4-zip in Mothwing pattern is slightly more durable than the solid fabric, which is better for mosquito protection. $79.99 but worth it. I sleep it too, but great to have early or late season for unpredictable cold snaps or immediate warmth in dire straights.

* Sherpa shirt: $99.00 Can't beat it, and body odors haven't been an issue after 7 months of field time.

Pants for early season

* I use the Valhalla pants for early season hunts (august). I have them in solids and Highlander pattern: $99.00 I wear them for two season, and then they're usually spent, but I'm hard on all pants. I wear the Valhalla pants underneath my SIMMS waders on float trips. In late season, i wear merino leggings underneat the Valhalla pants for the best comfort under waders. I LOVE the way the Valhalla pants fit, and I wear solid patterns around town and during fishing season.

* I switch to the Alios pants when I'm climbing rugged terrain for sheep or goat: $139.99 I prefer the standard knee pads for $14.99. The D30 Impact pads are too stiff and climb around my knees too much. The standard knee pad is well worth the coin in goat country.

Mid-Range insulation clothing

* I have been wearing the Vidar Scout vest ($99.00) for a couple of seasons now, and love it when a vest is needed. On warm days I'll wear either a Sherpa shirt coupled with a vest for early morning or late evening stents, or when the wind is blowing but not cool enough for a heavier shell.

* Kratos jacket (primaloft) is a must for warmth, comfort, and doubles as pillow cushion. $149.99. I wear the shit out of this jacket on cool mornings, still-hunting, or when i need an extra layer when less active. It comes off during movements, unless I'm on a river in cool periods. I wear it underneath my rain jacket on lazy floats...

* Cadog soft shell jacket is rugged and provides a great outer layer. $199.99. When I take this jacket, it usually only gets use after I ascend the peak and start scouting from a fixed position for sheep, goats, or even moose/caribou. It's lightweight and rugged, and I've to damage it.

* The Shield jacket (same price i think) has a superior material for moisture protection and wind resistence, so I've recently switched to this model instead of the Cadog. It prevents me from having to take my rain top if the day looks slightly moist or has some light snow or drizzle. So far so good, but when this is the case, I have my 2 1/2 layer rain top to add cover in heavy rain or blowing snow...this also lends more wind protection.

Straight Rain/Wind layers

* Kaldo rain jacket is my go-to jacket for rain and wind guard. $229.99. I use this jacket when I'm packrafting all the time regardless of season. It serves as a spray jacket, and I have even reach under water to release fish hook, and the wrist strap holds it tight and keep my arm dry.

So, you asked about what I take on early season vs. late season hunts? It depends on my activities and expected climate and terrain, but the above is my arsenal of 2011/2012 Kryptek clothing. I use Kryptek gear because I believe in the business and its mission statement. I don't buy it because I'm a prostaffer, but I have bought and used Sitka Gear, Russell, Mountain Hardwear, Swazi gear, and a handfull of other brands. I do know price point is important to consumers, and I will only continue to wear the best brands for the activities I'm involved in. Kryptek has built a solid brand, its price points are affordable, and the gear is performing as good as garments made by others for double the cost...why pay more for high quality.

That's my personal sales pitch, but you also asked about the 2013 lineup:

For 2013 gear lineup, I am excited to switch to these garments:

* Dalibor Lightweight Softshell. The Cadog is sometimes too warm, and I've been wearing the Dalibor as its replacement and have grown fond of it. This year and next season I will have this garment as my main go-to mid-range outer protection, with my Kadog rain jacket for wind and water guard.

* Kratos Minus vest is my new vest. I don't necessarily always need the rugged material strength of the Vidar vest, and I like the lightweight properties of the primaloft material, so the Kratos is a huge benefit when shedding ounces.

* Borealis Hybrid baselayer is off the hook amazing! This is my new all time favorite garment because it offers heavier merino wool arms and back material, which is critical in mozzy land. Awesome piece of gear. The primaloft chest with merino wool back and arms is the best design I've seen on any brand. Kryptek nailed it with this one!

* I also use the Krypton gloves for shooting and light-duty field applications. Plenty of warmth to keep the chill off the fingers, comfortable glove, great fit, and I can actually dig around in my pockets with de-gloving. I can feel my trigger and control the squeeze. Love these gloves, but I only get one season out of them, because I use them all the freakin time.

* Watch for other gloves in the utility strength, especially the ones with the comfortable knuckle guard. These feel like mechanics gloves when worn, but more rugged and dextile. Love the prototypes and can't wait to have a few pairs for use.

Hope this helps folks. Thanks for asking about my kit.


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Feb 25, 2012
Wow! You'd think Larry knows a little bit about the gear huh?! Lol.....

He hit it on the head!