WTS KUIU Ultra S/M 3000 & Icon 5200 bag


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Feb 4, 2018
I have a KUIU Ultra 3000 with the new hip belt as of last year, also have an Icon 5200 bag that will work with this frame. I originally bought the Ultra 4000 in 2014. I have used it for about 1 back country trip a year and for day hunting. I have added a water bladder sleeve and hip belt pouch. It has always been washed after packing out meat and doesn't have any stains, the frame has a little scuffing from packing shed antlers but is only cosmetic. The only other wear is on the load lifter straps where under heavy load they rub in the slots of the frame extensions (see pictures). This is one of the only faults I have found with this pack, this isn't a big issue they will probably hold up for many more pack outs but I intended to see if KUIU would replace them. The 5200 is basically new I have used it a couple times and it has not hauled meat. I also have the bow and rifle holder for it.

I would like to sell it as a package: $500 tyd

but will consider selling the 5200 bag seperatly.