Sold L&S Mountain Hunter's, Size 11, worn some, but very new

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Feb 16, 2015
These boots are practically new, I wiped a little trail dust off of them and thats about it. I have exactly 9.8 trail miles on them according to my GPS watch and probably about 2 hours in them on a treadmill to start breaking them in. I just can't get these to agree with my pinky toe (which is common for me).

There's plenty out there on these boots so I won't say too much. But, the build quality on this boot is incredible, I am looking at them now next to some Crispi Briksdal's and the L&S boot looks like a high end Italian super car compared to the Crispi's. This is a very stiff and heavy duty boot that will take someone to a lot of places.

Mountain Hunter (not the elite, these are the full leather version)
Size 11, standard width
Never treated
L&S Synergy insole (if you want them?) which were trimmed and fitted by L&S & I will include the factory insoles as well
L&S Heel Sleeves installed (those are the green pad looking things in the heel area)

***I had L&S install what they call "Heel Sleeves" in the achilles/heel area of the boot. This is an added custom stick on type gel/silicone sleeve that is great for narrow heeled guys, or people that tend to get heel blisters. This came at the suggestion of the L&S guys when I called to talk to them about these boots. I will say that my heel felt incredible in these. It really locks your heel in and there is no slipping or pressure points (at least for me). These can be pulled out and removed according to L&S, not permeant if you don't want them.

$250 shipped is as low as I will go. Thats ~60% off a $600 boot setup if you were to order them like this. Someone will be getting a sweet deal on a pair of boots!

Please PM if you have any fittament or other questions.

PayPal F&F or add the fee if you want to pay the other way. I will ship UPS in the factory L&S box and the box they shipped the boots to me in.


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