La sportiva Trango Cubes vs Scarpa charmoz pro

justin davis

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Feb 24, 2012
Boots are very personal and each persons foot is different. But between these two boots which is better? They are fairly similar in that they are both lighter weight mountaineering boots


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Feb 14, 2014
RMSGear are carrying the Zodiac (I think it's the zodiac, could be the charmoz). Might wanna to talk to Danny or Tommy.


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Feb 27, 2012
Hey Justin - I had the same question about a month ago. Similar boots - price point - weight. I ended up ordering both of them to try out. I didn't take them out of the house and didn't put them through any strenuous tests, but for me the trango cubes clearly fit better. I thought the construction and finish of both were very good. I probably would have kept the Charmoz had I not had the trango cubes to compare them to. After I decided on the trango cubes I actually ordered another size large - I was questioning if I had enough room to not bang toes. After getting the bigger size I settled on the smaller size that I originally ordered.

I would consider my feet fairly average and I don't have a lot of trouble with my heel slipping. If anywhere I can get some hot spots on my pinky toe or underneath my toes. The trango felt better in the front half of my feet. More like they were broken in. Last year I had pretty good luck with the Trango TRK. They were very comfortable but left me wanting a bit more boot on a few rough days. Several years ago I had gone with hunting in shoes, but have made my way back to a heavier boot.

wind gypsy

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Dec 30, 2014
I have had both, some comparisons:

Trango last is considerably narrower and lower volume. Scarpa did change their last on the latest version and they should be lower volume than the previous run (I believe they now use outdry rather than gore too).

Scarpas had a much more pronounced heel pocket which I thought would lock down my low volume feet better. However it made for more intense focused pressure on my heels and tore them up when they slipped a little. Trango on the other hand feel like they could allow heels to move slightly but worked better for me because there wasn't any concentrated pressure on any part of the heel.

Sole stiffness is comparable but the Trangos have some rocker in them which made them more comfortable in the flats. Charmoz probably had a little more midsole cushioning.

Charmoz upper was slightly stiffer.

Like always, it comes down to what fits you best. IMO the Trangos will work better with a larger variety of feet.