Leica Warranty-Impressed


Well Known Rokslider
Dec 9, 2012
I picked up a lightly used (basically new out of box) APO Televid 82 about five months ago.I'll admit I was a little hesitant based on Leica closing the Canadian repair depot a few years back, and hearing nothing but negative about the current level of customer service. It was a smoking deal on a "forever" piece of optics so i jumped.

So, a month ago the cup separates from the eyepiece (i am guessing the previous owner was using an improper camera adapter on it).

Sent to Germany with filled out warranty card, and three weeks later (after weekly updates from service department) i get it back as good as new (freight prepaid return by Leica i might add).

I am hoping this signals a new era for Leica stepping up their customer service game to match the products that they make.


Well Known Rokslider
Sep 11, 2013
i am still loving the afterglow of my Leica warranty experience. i gouged a big lens..like i rubbed a diamond on it. it was do deep, i could almost hook a fingernail on it. it was soul crushing.

my dealer sent it in for me. i got radio silence, no updates like you got. it was a nailbiter for me. but they came back brand new looking. it was good to let out my held breath.