Let see your best camp photos!


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Dec 10, 2018
Santa Rosa Ca
I threw my sleeping pad and bag inside this hollowed out tree one night. It was a pretty good camp. The elk bugling close by all night helped the camp rating.

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I don’t have any pics of it but I spend a couple weekends truck camping with a reintroduced heard that hadn’t been opened to hunting yet. They bugled all night the couple weekends I chased deer up there. Camp was basic air bed in the back of the truck.


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Apr 29, 2012
Going through some of my old photos, I found this camp from 1978 in the Madison Range of Montana. We spike camped 5 1/2 miles back in. My folks had stopped in Reno on the trip out and bought a tent for them to use at spike camp. When we pulled the tent out of the carrying bag, there were only scraps of material and one broken tent pole. Someone else had camped at this spot and had left a nice shelter made out of a plastic tarp and pine boughs and this worked out great. I killed a bull the first day at this camp. Glad we had the two horses, he was 9 1/2 miles from the road. Note our "camo" gear from back in the day.Manley Camp.jpgMy bull 10-78.jpgManley Camp Montana 10-78.jpgDad with Red and Nino Packing Out My Bull Manley Camp Montana 10-78.jpg

Tod osier

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Sep 11, 2015
Great thread, I love the pics! Here are some that I haven't put here.

AK float last summer…

First AK trip, when the plane leaves, you are really alone…

Idaho, cuben tarp, rain, steep hill, nice smoky fire, dead elk – what more can you ask for???

Shower/wash day in the Wind Rivers…

Dispersed camper camping category….

Big Sandy Opening…

Denali Highway

Delaney Rim

Dalton Highway on the hill before you drop down to the Yukon…

Green River Lakes area…

UL Bend…

SD Grassland for the pheasant opener back in ought eight…