Leupold VX-3i LRP


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Feb 4, 2015
Western Wyoming
Anybody out there have any insight in the LRP scopes? I am getting a new gun and am considering one of these.
Main reason is my good buddy is a Stevens and I can get them for cost basically.
Any opinions on these?


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Jan 15, 2017
I've got one on my lw/lr set up. Easy to zero, good distortion free glass. I went the ffp/4.5-14 route. Next to my mk6 3-18 there's hardly a difference in resolution or color.

I had wish listed a scope for hunting that was exactly what the lrp turned out to be for the last few years. Ffp, 30mm tube for low mounting, TMR type mil based reticle, matching turrets. Zero stop and capped windage with exposed elevation turret and an integrated cat tail, at a sub 1k price.

Bonus: it's leupold warranty behind it, and it's replacing the Mk4 as that line of scopes fills its govt contract in the next two years.

If I could have one other wish it would be for 10 mil elevation turret instead of 5, and lower profile, but this isn't a deal breaker. I picked mine up still in the wrapping for 650 shipped off a guy on snipers hide, so I know from a value perspective I'm 110% happy. Had I paid 950, I'd still be pumped about it. Literally no one makes a scope with this feature set and a warranty to back it up, at this size and weight, nor even at this price.

People can throw out the "what about model y?" Or "did you consider x brand?" And the answer is yes. Every scope. From every manufacturer. Poured over details for the last three years. I was running my mk6 on this stick but really wanted to get back to a 30mm scope so I could run it in talley 1 pc rings and achieve a proper cheek weld without the need for a adj cheek install into my carbon manners stock, or having to run a strap-on cheek pad. Getting my carbon and titanium rifle build on a further diet to achieve what I originally set out for was important to me, but I didn't want to give up features to achieve pure weight goals. This scope helps with that end game.

The other scope I was seriously considering before this one was the NF SHV 3-10 with MOAR due to compact size and weight with a decent feature set and nice enough glass, but I generally prefer mils over moa to keep everything consistent with my off-season shooting and training.
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