LL Lowa Tibet and Lowa Cevendale fit

Archery Bank

Junior Member
Sep 20, 2013
Southern AZ
I currently own Lowa Cevendale boots size 9.5 and the fit me well. I hunt mostly in southern AZ and really don't need Goretex in my boots. I was thinking about going to the LL Tibets. My question is this, are the lasts similar? I was going to mail order these boots through REI and wanted to get some input before pulling the trigger. Thanks for your help.

Brian Fahs

Senior Member
Feb 25, 2014
Check out shoe buy....free shipping and returns. Usually have discount codes.

I had the cevendales and sold them. Currently have 3 pair of tibets. Love them. The tibet is a much heavier duty boot. I wear them for work and in the rough stuff hunting. I replaced the cevendales with salomon gtx 4d2. FIT on those are similar to the tibets. I felt the cevendales ran narrow with a narrower toe box. My current set of tibets are 3 years old and are just about shot. I wore them almost everyday. Breaking a new set in now and have a pair still in the box.