Locating Feeding and Bedding Areas ?

Curtis C

Senior Member
Mar 1, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
I was reading this article by Aron and it reminded me how much of a hard time I have finding what looks like feeding or bedding areas on Google Earth or Aerial images. I was hoping someone could give a tutorial of what they SEE that makes them suspect it as being a bed or feed area.

I have an area that I have seen elk bed in several times. When looking at it in GE I cant say I see what would make me suspect it as being a bed.



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May 2, 2012
Here is a trick I did (for blacktail deer). I has myself the same question about them a few years ago. I went and looked at Topo and G.E in areas I have hunted where KNOWN beds, travel and feeding areas were. I looked over as many spots as I could that would be relevant to the terrain I was looking to hunt. Then when I found "specific things" that every place had in common, I applied that to the new spot and went from there.

I realize this is not very specific, but the "specific things" are going to very a lot.