Maven B2 or B6

Steve C

Senior Member
Mar 9, 2015
Klamath Falls Or
I never owned an Epoch. Looked at them several times. I passed for several reasons. One is for being over ten years old they were stupid expensive for their time. They were several hundred dollars more than even Leica, Zeiss, or Swarovski. They had a pretty good image, but not that good. They also had pretty narrow fields of view for what they were asking. No real complaints with the optics, but not letting go of that kind of cash. The first Epochs were around $2,400. They also had silver coated prisms instead of dielectric reflective coatings of today, so the technology is now sort of stale. They did have a pretty unique focuser. It was a variable speed affair where focus movement was identical for any spot in the focus range. In other words instead of being a lot slower close and faster further out, the wheel movement per amount of focus distance remained constant. I am told it was a warranty nightmare. The later Icon had more modern technology, but still had the too narrow fov.