Maven C1, B3, Meopro or Vanguard ENDEAVOR ED IV for do it all?


May 27, 2019
Hey guys/girls,

First off, I want to say hello, I have just signed up, though have been lurking for a while now...

I am wanting to get my first set of binoculars, and basically want a do it all pair.

I am from the UK, so the only thing I really shoot is rabbits, crows, magpies and such.. Maybe a fox if it is causing problems. I need the bins for scanning fields, and areas out to around 400-500 yards max. Usually around 200 yards is what I will be scanning though.

I want binoculars that can meet the following criteria:

Decent low light performance - I shoot until it is dark, and then the lamp comes out.
Can be carried around in a backpack if I am on holiday, just for general use, viewing animals, at the coast and such...
Decent quality
Easy enough to hold steady, which is why I was thinking 8x
Budget of around $600/£500

My list I have found so far:

Vanguard Endeavor ED IV 8x42 (These seem great, though bulky)
Maven C.1 8x42 (Don't look much bigger than the B.3, plus cheaper)
Maven B.3 8x30 (Look perfect)
Meopro 8x32 (Also look perfect)
Any other suggestions welcome

Currently, out of what I have listed, the Maven B.3 seems to have my attention, due to its compact size, good light gathering, and just general reviews. I read that the light gathering and general optics of this are on par, or better than the C1, which makes me think the C1 would be a good fit also, as it really isn't much bigger in terms of size.

Has anyone any experience with any of the above? Possibly the C.1 in comparison to the Vanguard or the Meopro in comparison to the B3?
I know the 8x42 will be a little larger though, and may not be as good for carrying around on holiday.

Thanks for any input.
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