Montana hunting for Deer and Elk

Dixie Mountaineer

Junior Member
Aug 1, 2012
Does anyone knwo much about the backcountry or deeper places of the woods in Montana for deer and elk? God-Willing, I am supposed to hunt not the areas that are not too far from Great Falls, MT. this year in October for elk and Mule Deer. I have never been there, got any advice on where to go in that area? I believe i will be hunting in units 412 413 416 420 432 and 448. Any thing anyone knows that makes hunting in Montana different? How bad its pressured and such?


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Apr 6, 2012
I hunted that area last year. Not sure on the unit numbers we were in but it was mostly private land we were on since there is so much of it out there...and I was with locals so they were able to get us access to the properties. We went in Nov last year and the winds were never less than 40mph the 5 days I was there. We also hit Lewis and Clark national forest, were quite a few people down in there but a big area....lots of forest roads to get you close to where you wanted to go. There are also a bunch of properties out there that have a system that allows hunters on their property in return from some money from the least I think thats how it works. Anyhow you just have to sign a logbook at these properties, but be wary some only allow cow harvest. Sorry that's about all I've got for you, not much I know.