Montbell warranty/repair work


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Feb 17, 2017
Hey guys. I chime in on a lot of threads suggesting Montbell down products. I think they perform well in the field, are priced competitively, and offer competitive warmth to weight ratios.

Last month I pitted my Alpine Light Parka against my titanium stove and it suffered an embarrassing defeat. Several holes in the forearm with down spewing out all over. I stuffed the down in, slapped on tenacious tape and spread some seam sealer around for good measure. That got me home where I filled out a warranty form and mailed my jacket off to Montbell. I specifically told them that I understand my repairs are not under warranty (my fault, wear and tear, etc) and am willing and ready to remit payment for the work.

I hear nothing from them for almost 5 weeks and the jacket shows up on my door step fully repaired today. No fee. I almost feel bad.

Anyway, long story short, Montbell took care of me and I will look there first when I get the itch to buy down and will guiltlessly continue to suggest their stuff when folks solicit down info.

Frank Grimes

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Aug 13, 2017
Canada, BC
That’s awesome. I’ve been eyeing some of their puffy jackets for next year.
I had a similar experience with work boots today. Warranty just up. Pretty beat up looking. And the heel was starting to come off. Walked out with a new pair, took about 20minutes.