Moose Hunting Party in Quebec


Aug 12, 2021
The two of us from Toronto area, Ontario are going for a moose hunt with an outfitter ( in Near-North Quebec for a week in October (10/09/2021 to 10/17/2021), and looking for 2 more hunters preferably from Ontario with big game experience to complete our party.

Quebec has a way bigger and healthier population of moose comparing to Ontario. For non-residents of Quebec, the only way to hunt big game there is through services of an outfitter, which we have already arranged. Domaine Shannon is well-known, and we had a very positive experience with them in the past, getting a moose there in 2019. The 2020' season was affected with Covid, and also - one could hunt only antlered moose last year in Quebec. This year, a party of 4 is eligible to getting 2 moose, one of them must be a bull. Chances of achieving it are pretty high, based on the 2019' results, and this is going to be the 1st week of the moose season. We do not have to stay the whole week, but we absolutely need 4 people to get 2 moose (1 moose requires 2 tags), and good team spirit is important. The outfitter provides a big refrigerator to keep the game meat as well as a cleaning facility.

We are going to share the accommodation (and the costs of it) in a fully-equipped 4-bed cabin. We will need to bring our own food and drinks. Buying things locally is possible only after a long drive on a logging road, as the camp is located off-the-grid and 50 miles away from the nearest town. An option is to buy an "American plan" with meals and bar included, which you can consider if you wish (but it is more expensive). Fishing is also possible, and you will need to buy a non-resident Quebec fishing license to do that. You can rent a boat from the outfitter or bring your own. The outfitter sells the licenses. We do quartering and skinning ourselves and give the bagged meat for processing to a butcher in Ontario (there are some we know). The meat will be divided equally between all the members of the party. Trophies (heads) will go to the successful shooters, after being presented when registering the kills with the MNR of Quebec on the way back.

We will meet to discuss the details and to secure the deposits sometime in August.

More details on this trip with some photos of the 2019' moose hunt at the same place are in ,