MR 3DAP w/Stick It


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May 9, 2013
I've got a Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack in Foliage with a removable Stick-It, also foliage. The Stick It is newer than the pack.
The pack is US-made version (daisy chain).

The pack is in great shape. No tears or holes or any structural damage. It has been used and there is some color fading on shoulder straps when compared to newer Stick It.
This model has the fold away belt pockets which are nice when used as a carry-on bag. I think I still have the removable Live Wing pads but I will check on that. For my typical weights in this pack the Live Wing pads are not needed. Zipper pulls are foliage paracord. No straps have been cut. The velcro strap keepers are on the long strap tails.

Lid has two zippered pockets, one large and one smaller.
Internally there are two sleeve pockets and two zippered mesh pockets.

The belt is medium. The yoke is adjustable.

$315 tyd (paypal gift or +3%, USPS money order would work too)

I have some photos I'll post but I can't seem to get the color to look true. I will retake some outdoors and see if it helps.