MT HD 690 Mule deer hunt


Senior Member
Jun 17, 2020
Hey folks, have a few questions regarding HD 690 for mule deer, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve hunted all over the state for mule deer as they are my favorite species to chase, but have never hunted this unit or area. I am planning to hunt the BLM in the southeast of 690. Breaks country.

I have done extensive research and read all I can about the area, but just haven’t been able to find info on current deer numbers, pressure, or age class in the area. I imagine the pressure to be fairly heavy, there to be mostly younger deer, and a lot of people, but I do my absolute best to escape people. I’m looking for mature deer and hike my butt off to find them. I have been on orders full time this year and haven’t been able to scout. Hate asking, but any input would be greatly greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.