My 2019 CO Elk Hunt Gear List

Luziana Feller

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Dec 18, 2018
This forum and community helped me tremendously in preparing for my hunt. so i figured i would try and pay it forward to the next guy or gal gearing up for their hunt... Here is my final list of what ended up in the truck and in my pack for the hunt. we truck camped and bivy'd in a couple days as well. regardless, I generally carried essentials to stay overnight if something went sideways and we needed to.

Kifaru Cavern bag on UL frame, with small belt pouch, side arm holster w/Glock 19 and Camelback nalgene holder:
-20L dry bag containing sleeping bag, pad and hammock,
-20L dry bag with daily food bags and spoon
-blender bottle
-stove/fuel- Optimus Crux with cook pot, 1 fuel canister
-vacuum sealed kill kit (to save space)
-possible pouch
-general pouch
-vitamin/supplement pouch
-1.5L smart water bottle with flip cap
-10x12 tarp- homemade ( i have a thread in the DIY Forum)
- 12 6" stakes- Amazon
-klymit inflatable glassing pad
-trekking poles- Cascade Mountain Aluminum
-puffy jacket- Slumberjack down
-base bottoms- FL Aerowool
-rain jacket- Slumberjack
- boot gaiters- OR Crocodile gaiters
-2 carabiners hooked on loops outside pack

Food Bag- OR 25L dry bag
- Daily zip lock bags of my food- about 3500 calories X however many days i was planning to be out plus 1 day
[*1 food bag: breakfast shake (meal replacement, coco oil, 2 packs insta oats), i almond butter packet, fig newton, cliff bar, PB&J tortilla, 80% dark choco, Spam single w/mustard on flat bread, jerkey and cheese, smokehouse almonds, precooked frozen meal]
-sea to summit long spoon
-electrolyte powder in 5hour energy bottle

Kill Kit- vacuum seal bag
Black Ovis game bags, flagging tape, Benchmade skinning knife, contractor bag, carabiner

Possibles Pouch- 5L dry pouch from Walmart
-emergency blanket- used over my legs while glassing one evening.
-1.8mm cord- 50ft
-weatherproof matches in dry tube with pitch pine
-backup Ozark Trail headlamp
-5 zip ties
-tenacious tape
-random bandaids- approx 8
-electrical tape wrapped around bic lighter
-leuko tape
-vitamin I
-anti diarrhea med
-2 shots preworkout powder
-extra D-Loop material

General Pouch- 10L dry bag from WalMart
-lens pen and wipes
-sawyer 1L water bag
-sawyer backflush syringe
-2.5mm cord- 50ft
-Goal Zero battery charger
-3 ft charger cable
-sawyer mini water filter
-AAA batteries- 3
-hand warmers(Hot Hands)- 6
- fleece neck gaiter
-fleece beanie
-First Lite Talus fingerless merino gloves- *this is one piece of gear i wouldn't want to do without*
-spare socks- Darn Tough Hiker or First Lite Triad
-wine cork (to paint face)
- TP and small 18-pack of dude wipes
-hand sanitizer

Bino Harness- AGC Kodiac Cub Max
-license, hunter safety card, driver license
- hand written letter from wife and kids
-write in rain pad and pen
-aquamira water purification
-Nikon 10x42 binos
-bushnell range finder
-bic lighter
-Suunto compass
-reeds in reed pouch
-emergency clif bar
-black diamond Spot headlamp

Vitamin/Supplement Pouch- 5L dry pouch from WalMart
-daily vitamin
-tooth brush and paste

On Me
-folder knife
-bow w/5 arrows
-surefire handheld light
-bugle tube
-FL Kiln hoodie
-wrangler outdoor stretch nylon pants
- leather belt
-OR merino boxers
-poly neck gaiter
-phone and some cash in zip cargo pocket

At the truck
- coleman stove
-cast iron skillet
-large cook pot
-propane bottles
-tool bag and socket set
-tow straps and shackles
-small saw blade
-10 frozen gallon jugs in 120qt igloo cooler
-small baggie Tide detergent
-Dawn soap
-coffee peculator
-hot chocolate
-extra sleeping bag- cheapo Columbia 30*
-backup boots- Cabelas Meindl
-small pillow
-extra ground cloth
-2 man Kelty tent
-550 cord- 50ft
-AAA and AA batteries
-AA large headlamp for camp use
-goal zero camp lantern
-archery target
-Goal Zero solar charger
-carhartt insulated overalls
-spare Wrangler pants and merino underwear
-poly base layers top and bottom
-light weight fleece top
-polartec fleece top
-cabelas wooltimate vest
-Slumberjack rain pants
-2 towels and a wash cloth
-camp coffee cup
-tooth brush
-TP and large pack of wipes
-paper towels
-fold out chair
-hot hands
-a hand full of tea candles
-spare 120qt igloo cooler that held all my truck gear
-bandaids and first aid kit
-tire patch/plug kit
- Circle K's entire snack isle
-several filled Smart water 1L and 1.5L bottles
-lightweight trail runners for camp use
-spare dry bags for doing laundry and collecting water for camp- 30L and 55L
-yeti cooler with dry ice to keep frozen pre cooked meals frozen(1 for each night)- pastalaya, chili and rice, ranchero bowl with rice, rizza pasta, back strap for steak.
-fishing pole
-cajun seasoning
-olive oil
-knife sharpener
-insulated work gloves- leather

Things i will bring next time that i didn't this time:
-puffy pants
-better binos- better quality
-tripod for glassing with binos
-possibly lighter boots that will breath better and not quite as stiff
- a few more zipties
-backup wind checker- would feel naked if i lost it

Things i will probably leave at home or at truck:
-boot gaiters at the truck depending on weather and conditions
-the blender ball in the blender bottle- made noise, got all gummed up after 2 days
-will replace medium stove fuel canister for small- didn't need all that fuel
-no ramen or tuna- had both in some of my daily food bags. they all got subbed for Spam sammies
-leave sawyer 1L bag and backflush syringe at home
-leave the Hot Hands at the truck or just bring 1 pair
-leave coffee percolator and coffee at home- microground coffee and hot coco is too easy and good
- i only carried the sidearm a few days because of an encounter we had with a moose at 5 yards. would rather not carry it on my pack. will probably be left at camp

LINK TO MY ORIGINAL THREAD- tons of questions, answers and advice
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Jan 7, 2019
The original thread you made also helped me tremendously. I should post up my gear as I was very selective and used most of my stuff. Pack weight before food and water as around 23#

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Luziana Feller

Luziana Feller

Well Known Rokslider
Dec 18, 2018
that reminded me to link that thread here...

that's pretty light. i honestly never weighed mine because i really didn't care. i shaved it down to what i was mentally comfortable carrying and took is all mental right??? :cool:


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Dec 5, 2014
Snyder Texas
that right there is a "glass is half full" attitude....LOL. I like that response. Thanks for posting. Im prepping for a late season Mule deer hunt and this will be helpful
Luziana Feller

Luziana Feller

Well Known Rokslider
Dec 18, 2018
that right there is a "glass is half full" attitude....LOL. I like that response. Thanks for posting. Im prepping for a late season Mule deer hunt and this will be helpful
watched a tank of a muley at 33 yards for a few minutes one evening. it was really cool. this dude was an old warrior. looked to be past his prime. really made me wish i had a tag in my pocket.


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Jul 13, 2020
This is some great info! Much appreciated, especially the link to original thread.

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