My first whitetail.


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Jan 4, 2018
So, while i have been hunting for awhile, it has not been a life long obsession. (full blown obsession now though) I decided that after a few moose and a couple elk over the years, that I wanted to beg myself a whitetail. Obsession kicks in, research research reasearch... good to go! Head out to the field, straight away... jump 3 doe's. Well, shit, suns not ever up and I dicked my chances. Get to where I'm planning my sit, nice wind row in the middle of the field, everthing is good. Weather is good, calm, cold, -5 deg C. The rut is also full on, so I knew that rattling would be a good option if there wasn't any bucks cruising the field. So after glassing the field for what seems like hours (10mins maybe) I decided time for some rattling. I have never rattled in my life, watched it on youtube a couple times, so I really don't have a clue what I'm doing. Rattle rattle rattle... there that should be good. Now I wait. Glasses in hand, time to look and listen. So scanning the field, jumping my eyes through the round bails, I see movement! Heart starts beating, excitement kicks in. Looking at this figure, at first I couldn't tell what it was. It want long though and I could tell it was a buck. Not a booner... but a shooter none the less. Well, this thing was moving! And moving straight at me, damn near full run. I covered that damn field in the matter of seconds, and I couldn't believe it... I called in my first buck! Rifle ready, safety off, buck running straight at me... turns broad side... boom!!! What happened next i could believe. From where i shot the deer, to where it died was about 40 yards, in a complete circle, spraying blood the entire time. It looked like a murder scene (it was i guess)
I couldn't believe the amount of blood that covered that field, maybe because there was snow on the ground... but whoa. I was so glad the wife decided to not come with me, because she would have been scarred for sure.

So there you have it, my first whitetail deer story, all 15 minutes of it.
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Mar 10, 2016
Congrats! Nothing more exciting than having an animal come in on a string to your calling.