Need ammo advice for 308


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Apr 8, 2019
I use 150gr federal power shocks for deer and hogs here works well and its cheap enough to shoot at the range and stay proficient. When I go west I go to Federal 180gr NP.


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Mar 6, 2015
Mississippi & Texas
Honestly, every load mentioned here will do what you are wanting to do as long as you do your part. I tend to lean towards the 165 grain in a .308, especially since you want one load for everything. That includes the SST, which I love but all the above mentioned are good to great.

My main advice is “Don’t skimp on the money with your ammunition!” This is the most critical expenditure you will likely make and you do get what you pay for in general. Choose a load and test it for accuracy. Once you get settled in with what you like, buy enough of the same lot # to be able to comfortably shoot it often until you learn the bullet flight and build confidence. Zero at 200 yards, utilize a rangefinder, and learn your hold at 300 and farther for best results. Your rifle will easily kill all the animals you mentioned at twice that range.

Practice, practice, practice!!

Good Luck!