Need some advice- rifle build


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Jan 12, 2021
I’am looking at building a rifle. Not for any particular reason other than I want to. I am a whitetail hunter dabbling in hunting out west. I have a pretty broad arsenal at home and acquired some components with a rifle purchase. Received 24” 300wsm and 20” 260 rem light contour (model seven) barrel. I have since acquired a m700 short action with a stockys fiberglass stock and a timney trigger that I am looking to fit out. The stock has a varmint/ mag contour barrel groove. Was trying to use my components to put something together but I keep running into a block. Give me some direction please. I like accurate rifles that function for hunting. I currently have 700’s in 30-06, 7mmrm, 243 win classic, 6.5cm mountain, model sevens in 7-08 and 22-250, 7600 in 35 whelen, marlin 1895 in 450 marlin and a few others. I do reload so I have a thing for non common rounds. This stock/action fits the 300wsm barrel well but I’d have to change the bolt. I like the idea of the 260 rem or a 260 rem AI with the right twist. Not sure what direction to go with this one. I seem to be gravitating towards smaller calibers with less recoil lately which I think I have covered. I wouldn’t mind building an elk rifle to compliment my 700 lss 7mm RM. to do that I need a short action mag bolt. Anyone got one to move? I have a model seven mag bolt if anyone is interested. Sorry to be so long winded but I value your guys opinions and direction. Let me know what you think. As of right now I am leaning towards the 300wsm if I can get a bolt to finish it out.