Nevada questionaire

robby denning

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Feb 25, 2012
SE Idaho
After I applied for Nevada, the online system asked if I'd take a questionaire. I usually can't stand that stuff, but figured if it helps them manage hunting, I'd do it.

I could tell answering the questions, Nevada is trying to be competitive against the other states by making their draw system easy, which is great. They also are probing to see how many of us are applying multiple states.

I think it's great that these states are figuring out they need to compete for the non-resident dollars- should only help us.

Arizona moved their elk/antelope app earlier a few years back and it brought in more hunters because AZ figured out people like to plan.

As hunter numbers shrink over the next few decades, it's going to get harder and harder for states to treat us like a commodity similiar to other goverment run agencies.

Idaho is a good example of old thinking costing them millions. They are one of the latest draw apps in the west and have no incentive to buy the license, so many nonresidents won't play their game anymore.

If Idaho made the nonres license refundable if no tag drawn, moved their application dates to February, with results out by March 30th, they would attract thousands more applicants and could keep a nominal application fee. Odds would stay the same for residents, but would obviously worsen for nonresidents.

Instead they say they need to wait to see how winter is before they do the draw. I advertise our outfitting/scouting business in the Idaho regs and the deadline to submit was Friday 3/30, so I know F&G had to have their proposals in by then for printing, so they still don't know really how winter will turn out. They can adjust permit levels before the draw in June, but to my memory, have only done that once, and it was last year.

Am I wrong about all this?


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Mar 8, 2012
Makes sense to me as well. I am going to start building points elsewhere next year, and I have no intention looking into Idaho for those reasons.

Darin Cooper

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Feb 25, 2012
I understand your frustration dude, but there's two ways to look at this stuff Robby... Do you really want to compete against that many more people in the draw? None of the tags are going undersubscribed and the other states can't be making that much on their "app fees". I personally do not care for bonus point systems - I think it's kind of a racket. They don't work for high demand tags. If my 12 year old starts applying today, she will NEVER draw a Utah San Juan Elk tag or NV sheep tag or CO premium elk tag. Collecting bonus points across 7 - 8 states is extremely expensive and stressful. Yeah, if you want a sheep tag in Idaho you gotta pony up the money, but I'd say it's worth it if you want 3 to 20 times better odds of drawing a tag.

Being able to plan is nice - but if all the draws are early, then you're in the same boat. You gotta go all-in and hope you don't draw it all at once.

I'll give you this much - Idaho has plenty of room to improve in a lot of areas, but I think the "old thinking" is really benefitting the residents and the hardy non-residents that really want to go hunt Idaho. Idaho probably makes as much or more money by holding the nonresident money they do get than they would by attracting thousands more to the draw with a friendly system.

Speaking of friendly - it used to be pretty easy to draw a tag in NV as an archer... not anymore. Takes at least twice as long for units that really aren't that great. The good stuff in NV is almost once in a lifetime. Increasing nonresidents in the draw WOULD also affect ID resident odds as nonresidents are limited to a max of 10% of tags - nonresidents don't make up that percentage in a lot of cases so that percentage of tags goes to the residents.

You want a system to complain about? Let's talk about the stingy SOB's in Oregon that limit NR's to 5% of deer and elk and I think 2.5% of antelope tags. I have 12 points and still can't sniff one of their best hunts. Many of them only give out one tag in the draw EVERY OTHER YEAR because they give them to outfitters on the other years! That's a joke. I'm considering burning all my points in one year and being done with throwing away $100 a year for useless OR points! Ahhh, I feel better now. Sorry Robby - had to vent too.