Nevada Unit 111 early archery help


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Jun 7, 2013
New to the forum, have been a stalker for quite awhile.

You guys have a very neat forum here.

I've picked up some good pointers already.

I really enjoyed David Long's posts from his ID hunt last year.

Some good stuff to go along with his book.

Been a goal of mine for several years to do a velvet muley trip to Nevada.

Have done several DIY backpack elk trip to Idaho, but this will be my first mule deer trip.

I'm planning to get there a few days prior to the opener.

Not looking for exact locations, but if anyone is willing to share some general advise, would really appreciate it (what elevations to concentrate on, general areas N, S, E, W part of the unit etc)

Thanks ahead for any suggestions, tips, advise.

I know this will be a long shot having never stalked muleys before, but my goal is a nice 4-point. (150s)...