New Mexico Antelope Hunt Raffle


May 1, 2022
The United Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation ( has kicked off their inaugural fundraiser to help in challenging New Mexico Senate Bill 32 which passed in March 2021 and went into effect on April 1, 2022.

SB 32 prohibits the use of any traps or snares on all public lands in New Mexico which consists of over 22 million acres of public land.

The Fur Takers of America, National Trappers Association, and New Mexico Trappers Associations have filed a legal challenge to the bill which will require substantial funding to fight. These organizations formed an alliance called the United Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation in order to raise funds with the intent to bring back public land trapping in New Mexico.

The first fundraiser is a raffle for a private land Antelope hunt in New Mexico for September 2022. The package includes several perks including a taxidermy mount, drawing by an incredible artist, and $1,500 towards travel and expenses of the trip. The trip has an estimated value of $17,000

More information and details of how to get your raffle tickets can be found at the following link to the website:

New Mexico Antelope Hunt Raffle

You can join the fight by purchasing tickets and sharing this link with anyone interested in preserving the rights of sportsmen to utilize public lands.

Your support is greatly appreciated.