New Public Land Access!!!!

Aug 18, 2019
If you would like new access to land locked public land, then now is the time to act. Contact the BLM (District & Field Office) or Forest Service (Supervisors & District) offices and let them know that you want it to be their high priority to expand access to public lands that the general public does not have currently. You will want to call those offices and ask to speak (or email) with the District(BLM)/Supervisors(FS) office manager, Field Office Manager(BLM)/District Ranger(FS), Realty Supervisor, Recreation Supervisor, and lead Wildlife Biologist to voice your support as they are the main players.

Make sure to mention that this is for hunting and you want the access to areas that would benefit hunters, or they will look at only high popular hiking and mountain biking areas (Table Rocks by Medford as an example). If the public does not voice their opinion, then we can expect this to be low priority for BLM and the Forest Service which will probably mean not getting done or gaining the new public access.

Public suggestions were already sent in for 2020 but you can support those now as each office and agency decides whether to move forward or not. Every two years the federal agencies will open a public comment period for the public to suggest land locked public land they would like access to. Keep your eye out for this next opportunity in 2022.

The John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act is making federal agencies that manage public lands look at to expand access to public lands for all Americans to hunt, fish or other outdoor recreational purposes.

The Great American Outdoors Act which permanently funds the Land and Water Conservation Fund is what would be used for the funding to purchase private property or easements to gain the public access to public land that is landlocked behind private property.

Feel free to ask questions.


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Dec 27, 2019
Thanks for posting this. This is a great piece of information to know I didn’t know you could directly have input on matters like such.


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Jun 15, 2017
Thanks Slayer! Big time issue here and a chance for folks to get involved. With LWCF funding available, if wouldn't hurt to throw this information into a couple of the different categories on here besides blacktail. Several places are looking for landlocked access points to public land to remedy - make your voice heard!