New Seek Outside toys email just came out... Love it


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Feb 4, 2013
Im going all in on the Cimmeron Nest and the Lumbar Pad. I believe that will be a huge improvement to their Belts.

Exciting things from Seek Outside! New Products, hard work, and awesome gear.

We're busy! Lead times continue to increase. Currently 2-4 weeks, and we expect that to keep growing.

Introducing the Seek Outside Lumbar Pad!

Completely removable, this pad does not change our hipbelt, but does change the way it fits. Perfect for those with curvy lumbars, large shoulders, or muscular builds.

If you've ever had clearance issues with the bottom of your pack frame this pad will fix it!
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Introducing Full Nests for the Silvertip and Cimarron!

These nests offer complete protection from bugs, condensation, and are easy to pitch with the canopy.
Silvertip Nest

Cimarron Nest

Add comfort to your camp with the Stove Stand.

This Stand raises the stove, allowing you to stack and dry wood underneath. Includes a built in warming tray.
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Introducing a half floor for your 12 Person Tipi. This rugged and waterproof floor provides protection from ground moisture, dirt & snow.
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New Twisted Aluminum Stakes provide tons of holding power in challenging conditions.

At 10" long and with a fluted shape to provide more bite, they are our choice for snow or loose soil. Sold per 6.