Nice start with new Elk/deer/bear rig


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Jun 2, 2013
After a lengthy search, I ended up with a nice traditional left-handed Hawken. Made by a TN smith named Bergmann a few years back. Has some interesting history. Barrel is a GRRW barrel from Utah back in the late 70s or 80s. 58 caliber, 33" long, nice maple stock.

First 4 shots I ever fired with it using 100 grain ffg Goex, .015 patch, .570 ball, cci primers, and from a sitting position at 70 yards without a rest. Quite happy with 2.75". Wind was blowing about 7-10 mph right to left so feel like the windage is actually good. Impact was point of aim so will be little low at 100. It'll do. May file front sight, may hold a little high, will decide later. And may bump powder charge to see if that moves impact up a bit. Super fast Davis lock on it helps too.