WTS Nimrod Pack System


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Oct 24, 2020
I'm looking to sell my Nimrod pack system. Everything is a few years old, slightly used and in excellent condition. Here's what I have:
Haul Frame pack (Full System) - Brand new ($349)
Pinnacle Pack - Brand new ($139)
Guide Pack - Brand new ($199)
Range Finder Case - Brand new ($30)
General Purpose Case - Brand new ($30)
If your not familiar with Nimrod, it's an excellent pack system that is extremely adaptable. The harness can attached to all of the bags and the haul frame separately or together. I used the Pinnacle Pack for 1/2 day hunts and the Guide Pack for all day hunts. Both either with or without the haul frame. On bivy hunts I've used all three (haul frame, Pinnacle and Guide Packs). I'm willing to let it all go for $450 or make an offer.
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