No blood trail?


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Jun 12, 2019
Absolute false statement I see so many times and is mentioned above is that the chest cavity "Needs" to fill up. I have shot a couple hundred big game animals and been part of hundreds of more recoveries. Rifle, Shotgun, bow, fixed blade, mechanical...etc. I can not remember 1 that was a confirmed hit that we did not fins SOME blood whether it was a drop or two or a fire hose trail. I have seen immediately upon impact blood blow out the side of animals and in the case of more than one mule deer and antelope visual watch with every stride they took giant clouds of blood blow out the sides starting at the exact spot of impact.

I have seen trails from deer hit almost identical with the same bullet or broadhead as another at a similar distance and had completely different looking blood trails. I have seen rather poorly hit deer bleed immediately and bleed fairly well where we think the are laying within 100 yards. I have seen deer absolutely double lunged perfectly broadside and not find blood for 20-30 yards.

Every situation is unique. Not surprised by your situation. take a look at the entrance and exit move the deer's body around a little and see how it could of happened. I have seen some steep angling shots where the animals body is turned (think quartering away but turned looking back when you stretch the body out in a straight line the hole in the skin and the hole in the ribs or what have you don't line up. or deer shot through the shoulder all the holes (skin, shoulder, rib cage) can only line up when perfectly aligned.


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Apr 17, 2020
Follow a few hundred more and get back to me.

No plans of stopping anytime soon. I'll let you know if I ever encounter a situation where someone pokes a 1-3" hole into something filled with liquid under pressure, and that liquid fails to leak. I wouldn't hold your breath.


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Feb 11, 2020
All three of these double lunged with a 7mm and not a drop of blood in the snow. They only bled after I started moving them


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