No tag soup for us!


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Feb 15, 2019
My brother and I planned a trip with Montana Whitetails for a cow elk hunt (him) and a bull elk hunt (me). We arrive to unseasonably warm weather after a week before of anti-hellish low temps and snow. Elk hunters were successful the week before but the thought was the elk would be high and out of sight due to the weather change (btw, weather is forecasted to drop the day after we leave back into the anti-hellish lows with snow, go figure). We arrive, get his OTC cow elk tag, and go to their range to confirm zero. While we are up there our guide comes up and says he saw some cows in a field they can hunt so do we wanna go hunt....of course. After a short drive, a small hike down and wading across the shields river (I didn’t have my gaitors on so my boots got soaked) we get set up and my brother drops the lead cow at 425. Good job bro!
now it’s my turn. We hunted all day the next and saw only one lone cow, maybe spike, and a few mule deer. Not what we wanted to see. So the next day we get set up and I see a herd of elk moving along a far ridge, so we went after then late morning and set up for them to emerge in the late afternoon. As hoped for, they came out and the biggest bull in the herd gave me a clear shot at 300 and I rocked his world.
Very happy couple of days for us. First time elk hunters, getting a taste of the altitude, the hiking, the work that goes into getting some elk meat. I am sure this will be the first of several more elk trips for me