Nothing beats elk hunting and buddies


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Apr 17, 2020
Without my friends I would just shoot a cow for meat on a weekend hunt and be done. Instead I drag it out for weeks and enjoy the hell out of every minute. Sometimes we hunt miles apart but meeting at camp together every night is awesome.


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Sep 9, 2020
I met up with some buddies from Friday to Monday afternoon in Montana for some elk hunting. I knew a couple of the guys since grade school and hadn’t seen them in close to 15 years. We didn’t hear a bugle or see an elk, but nothing beats being outdoors with good buddies. We put some miles on our boots with elevation ranging from 7500-9000 feet. The area seemed pressured by the amount of traffic we saw. They moved camp Monday and hopefully they will connect before they head back to Michigan Saturday.
I really prefer group hunting. Maybe it's just me but you don't miss the fun part of hunting if you are with your buddies. Great time you had. Look forward to meeting up with old buddies too very soon.