WTS Odds & Ends (Kifaru & Mystery Ranch Belts, Limbdriver Rest, Garmin GPS, Mountain House Meals)

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Jun 21, 2019
All prices include shipping to lower 48. PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App accepted.

$30: Mystery Ranch Guide Light (not MT) belt, extra small (25-29" waist), Optifade Subalpine pattern SOLD
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$30: (4) Mountain House Mexican Style Rice & Chicken freeze dried meal pouches, "best by" date of 2047. The black olives ruin it for me; I should've read the description more thoroughly before I placed the order.
IMG_20200927_132535557.jpg IMG_20200927_175032143.jpg

$40: Garmin eTrex Legend Cx, USB cable included. I used this GPS frequently until upgrading to an inReach in 2017. Everything appears to be working fine except for the system date being wrong for some reason. I just performed a factory reset and updated the software.

$50: Kifaru Duplex belt, small, black. This was originally on a Duplex Hunter frame that I picked up secondhand, but I had to downsize to an XS belt.
IMG_20200823_215652253_HDR.jpg IMG_20200823_215601270_HDR.jpg

$60: Vaportrail Limbdriver Pro rest, left-handed. Activation cord, limb pad, and mounting bolt included. Works like it should and can be tied to top or bottom limb.
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