Older Barrel Help Needed Please


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Sep 7, 2013
Hi forum!

long story short, I tracked down my dads first rifle that he had sold many years ago and bought it back! It’s a Remington 788 .308 win that he bought in 1978 for $75. Its my new favorite rifle! I’ve been giving it some attention since I got it back and am cleaning the barrel now. I’ve scrubbed the barrel with KG 1 and the patches come out clean so now I’m going to work on the copper fouling with some KG 12 solvent, butches triple twill patches and a nylon brush. My arm is officially tired from scrubbing and here’s what it still looks like. Any ideas?

thank you!!


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Dec 21, 2016
That's awesome! Its not a valuable gun, but still a treasure.

Use a bore guide and go one way with the patches. Push a nylon brush out all the way before pulling back through. Careful with the crown and the chamber.

Letting a saturated barrel sit to dissolve the copper is better than sending lots of patches and brushing. If it is reall coppered, consider putting in an ear plug and filling the barrel with a copper solvent and letting it sit for 20 minutes. Save the solution, patch it out and repeat as necessary.

You can do more damage running the rod and brush than a judicious use of solvent.

If you are doing a deep clean, pull the action out of the stock and pull the trigger off. Then you can use enough solvent and not worry about it getting everywhere.