ON1 Photo Raw (Adobe alternative)


Nov 26, 2021
Just thought I'd share a quick review for anyone considering new photo editing software. I am by no means a professional but I do have some photography experience.

I purchased ON1 Photo Raw a few weeks ago. The primary reason for purchasing ON1 instead of going with Adobe is the fact that you purchase a perpetual license instead of paying a monthly subscription. I paid $75 with the promo and will use my own storage so there will be no subscription.

This software is fantastic! I have worked with raws as well as jpegs and it seems that there is no limit to what a guy can do with this software. Imagine Photoshop and Lightroom in one program. Touchups, replacement of unwanted items in the background, etc. Dark circles under eyes, no problem, missing some detail in your clouds, they've got a solution.