Oregon Mountain Goat Hunt Video


Jun 28, 2019
Thought I would share my 2019 Oregon Goat hunt on here!

My buddy Barrett was kind enough to offer putting together a video with the clips we had of the hunt. With the editing not being in my wheelhouse I was happy to let em do it! I think it turned out pretty cool for the footage we had!

It was a once in a lifetime experience for sure. I spent a lot of time reading over post and looking at pictures on this forum in preparing for this hunt. It was a great way to compile info and get excited for the hunt.

I had never done a drop camp style hunt like this but I am glad I did. From the horse ride in and out to the wall tent with a wood stove and the fun conversations had with all the hands involved, It was an awesome experience.

We had scouted from this side in August so I knew we could do it without the horses. However, not knowing what the weather would do in mid October, I decided that the Drop camp would be worth the price of admission, and it was.

Due to the conditions, this would have been a brutal hunt off our backs!

Anyhow, enjoy the video! I think it does a pretty good job in showing an Oregon Mountain Goat hunt.