Outer's Foul Out - Cop Out Plus and Lead Out Plus - Recipe!?!?


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Jun 5, 2012

I just cleaned a rifle using my Foul Out III. In the process, I opened up the last container of Cop Out Plus on my reloading bench. As standard practice, I went to order a replacement container, and to my dismay, I learned that it was discontinued. I was very disappointed, because nothing works as well as the Foul Out for getting a barrel shiny-clean! A quick search of the Internet revealed a recipe on several web pages, but Fr. Frog's web page seems to be the originator. Having an engineering degree, I have a basic understanding of chemistry, and I noticed there were some errors in the formulations, so I contacted Fr. Frog. He told me that the base solution levels were in the patent, so I looked up the patent. From the patent, I got the inventors' names, and actually found one of them via a consulting firm he runs (a very nice fellow). He told me that the formulations in the patent would be a good starting point, but they weren't the final formulation in the products. He looked for his notes on the actual formulations, but they were long gone (he did the R&D back in the 80s).

That brings me to this post. I've contacted an analytical lab that I use at work, and they can analyze both the Cop Out Plus and the Lead Out Plus for me for about $500. I want to do it, but that's a lot of spare change just to get the recipe. I'm putting out this post on several web sites to see if anyone would like to contribute to getting the recipe with me. If I can find 19 other "investors," it'll only cost us $25 apiece to get the recipe. I'd like to then make it public, so we'd all be "giving back" to the shooting community. Absent enough "investors," I may just fund the analysis myself, and then post it with a note asking for donations to help cover the cost.

I've already found sources for the three main ingredients for the two solutions. There are no restrictions on purchasing or possessing them. It's a little over $100 (shipping and haz-mat fees included) to order enough to make a gallon of each solution. That's enough to last me the rest of my shooting days...

If anyone is interested, please PM me or post on this thread.