Picking the right tripod for glassing and shooting off.


Feb 11, 2022
So i'm currently planning my first trip out west which will either be colorado this fall or Idado the following year. I have been starting to get the gear together piece by piece and I've come to the tripod selection now.

After reading a lot of posts on here, i think one that i can shoot off is a cool ideal and i plan to add a Arca rail to my browning x bolt for this application.

I think the right tripod for me is the FEISOL CT-3342 from what i've read it's the right balance of not cheaply made, sturdy, and lightweight for backcountry without the price tag of the RRS. The thing i'm really stuck on is finding a good head for this tripod and if i should use the feisol leveling base on it? I appreciate any advice because all of this is a foreign concept to me.