Preferred Terrain / Topography??


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Jan 25, 2013
Colorado (south suburb of Denver)
All things being equal, in terms of the population of animals, what is your preferred landscape for the pursuit of elk and deer? Over the years, I've really developed an affinity for the Aspen groves. It has been said that an Aspen grove is the largest living organism on the earth, due to the resurfacing of the roots, expanding the vastness of the grove, etc. I've enjoyed the shooting lanes that are prevalent in Aspen groves, and the fluttering of the leaves, which gives me the feeling of being one with creation/nature.

If I can find a series of active wallows, near some Quakies, I typically will focus my hunting efforts around those wallows.

I've hunted high above treeline basins, and the beauty of being at or above treeline is tremendous, and is tough to beat.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to adjusting terrain preferences to where the animals are located at the time of the hunt, but again, all things being equal, where would you guys / gals prefer to spend your time, when in the mountains?

Good luck with the preparations for the pending 2013 seasons!


Feb 24, 2012
i spend my elk season in meadows amoung firs here in washington. for the most part 5000ft and up, there realy is an enchanting feeling when i finaly hit my hunting area. for deer i persue blacktails. its reprod and rain for the best blacktail hunting


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